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Caritas Kosova, as a charity institution in Kosovo, analyzes the needs of Kosovo's people and communities and in accordance with these needs promotes movements, initiatives, developing programs and projects to improve the quality of life. Over the last years, Caritas Kosova successfully conducted several projects linked to self-employment and job creation, with support to start-ups and existing businesses in several fields, thanks to the provision of training and tailor made grants.

What do we offer?

Technical training"s: the beneficiaries who will have their own business or income generation activity (IGA) will receive new technical skills, in order for them to perfectly master their sector of activity. Business management training: they will be taught to the beneficiaries who are planning to launch or strengthen their own business/income generation activity, teaching them how to successfully develop and manage it. Mentoring: complementary to the trainings, the beneficiaries (jobseekers and future business owners) will be individually supported and advised along their path toward (self)-employment. Mentoring will be provided.

Internship scheme: internships will be organized within companies or organization working in the relevant field.

Networking:  organization and participation to local and regional fairs, study visits, meetings involving the professional organization and private companies.

Tailor-made grants: in order to support the launch of new businesses and IGA, 25 of the most promising start ups will receive a tailor made grants.

Who can apply?

Women and youth aged from 18+ from    Mitrovica and Ferizaj municipalities. • To be motivated, open minded and interested    to gain new skills.  • Be ready for new experiences in job search and   self-employment.


How to apply? Fill the application from online:  Fill the hard copies at Caritas Kosova and Center for employment Offices.

If you need any kind of assistance please let us know: 

Deadline for submitting application is no later than 14th June2019 / 16:00h